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Relaxation-Based Pain Relief

Pain relief medications provide tremendous benefits for patients and clients in clinical care. However, the huge societal problems we face with opioid addiction, as well as other considerations including drug contraindications and allergic reactions, demonstrate the obvious need for pain relief without drugs. Empirical neuroimaging support for relaxation-based relief processes is extremely strong. Competent professional use of these techniques in clinical settings requires a solid understanding of how these processes operate, and the development of the skill necessary for real-world use with clients and patients in clinical practice. Training in Relaxation-Based Pain Relief provides this knowledge and practical skill for licensed mental health and medical practitioners.

Feedback and Comments

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“Superb value”

“I was very pleased with this workshop. Having read some of Dr. Mau’s work it was very helpful to see it in action. I also appreciated Dr. Mau’s transparency, humility, and helpfulness. It is obvious he is genuine and wants to help his students help others. Thank you!”

“Professional presentation and extensive written literature provided. Loved it!”

“Dr. Mau demonstrates competence that appears so intuitive and natural – and is also able to break it down so others can learn the processes.”

“This excellent workshop provides excellent, evidence-based clinical skills that can be used immediately and effectively!”

“Very informative and interesting”

“Very informative and practical”

“Good and successful option to use for pain management”

“Great overall workshop”

“Dr. Mau had very practical, useful tips for working with RBPR, and was very humorous in the way he taught even the driest parts of the content”

Who might find this workshop valuable?

“Honestly anyone who needs to communicate clearly, effectively, and healthily with other humans.”

“Anyone who deals with clients or patients”

“My colleagues”

Participants listed: alcohol and drug professionals, chaplains, counselors, dentists, first responders, helping professionals, hospice, marriage and family therapists, massage therapists, medical professionals, mental health professionals, nurses, occupational therapists, pain management practitioners, pain specialists, physical therapists, physicians, physician assistants, psychologists, social workers, teachers, therapists, those working in assisted living / older adult communities

Would you recommend this workshop to others?

All participants said “Yes!” “Absolutely” or “Definitely.”

What was the strongest aspect of the workshop?

“I really liked that we were encouraged to practice within the training while Dr. Mau was available.”

“The practical information. I really appreciated Fredric’s willingness to work live”

“Good knowledge and modeling”

“Great presenter who is clearly knowledgeable about the material”

“An outstanding presenter”

“The speaker’s presentation, engagement, and practical skills.”

“The emphasis on practical goals”

“The manual”

Relaxation-Based Pain Relief Training

Twelve CEs for professional counselors and non-contact hours for social workers are provided based on attendance and participation in the workshop. RBPR training is available only to licensed mental health and medical professionals.


  1. Participants will be able to describe the neurological basis for Relaxation-Based Pain Relief.
  2. Participants will demonstrate the skill of RBPR during the workshop and will be able to perform RBPR processes and incorporate these processes in appropriate clinical settings.
  3. Participants will be able to incorporate waking-state framing to facilitate RBPR in clinical settings.
  4. Participants will be able to describe ethical and diagnostic considerations in utilizing RBPR.

All participants receive the 117 page Relaxation-Based Pain Relief manual.

Refunds and Participant Cancellation

Unless otherwise specified by the partner organization, all refunds should be requested in writing no later than two weeks prior to the workshop, and may be subject to a $25 administrative fee. No cancellation requests will be accepted within two weeks of the workshop date. Substitutions are permitted.

Review and resolution of program participant complaints and disputes related to provider programs can be submitted to Watermark Counseling LLC and will be reviewed by Watermark Counseling LLC on a case by case basis. If a refund is provided the participant waives any claim to further action.