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Workshop Feedback

“The workshop is dynamic, interactive, and loaded with energy and enrichment of therapy skills.”

“The strongest aspect of the workshop? How Motivational Interviewing works and the use of empirically supported references.”

“Superlative use of examples to support the use of Motivational Interviewing.”

“All expectations were met.”

“There was evidence from research to back up everything that was taught.”

“This workshop was an excellent opportunity to learn new, innovative ways to help clients adopt a more positive outlook on their life.”

“The strongest aspect of the workshop? The actual presentations of hypnosis and seeing someone else in the class do the same.”

“The strongest aspect of the workshop? Demonstrations.”

“It was a great brief training.”

“We could use a day instead of a half day.”

“It was all good. The handouts especially gave practical applications. This is how I learn best.”

“Best use of time in a workshop.”