In 2017 the American College of Physicians released evidence based clinical guidelines recommending the use of guided imagery, mindfulness and similar techniques as a first approach to treat pain (Qaseem, et al., 2017; "ACP," 2017). Since 1995 the National Institute of Health has strongly recommended hypnosis and guided imagery to treat physical pain (“Integration,” 1995). Dr. Mau has worked with all sorts of chronic pain issues, from migraines to automobile injuries and fibromyalgia.  He personally used the processes to alleviate his own pain from a herniated disk and when he scalded his hand with hot popcorn oil. 

Numerous studies demonstrate the powerful effectiveness of hypnosis in bringing relief: Apkarian, et al. (2005), Faymonville, et al. (2000), Hammond, (2007),Ploghaus, et al. 1999, Schulz-Stübner, et al. (2004).

Montgomery, et al. (2002), even notes that hypnosis contributes to an 89 percent increase in the speed of surgical recovery.

Hypnosis is also an excellent process for aiding in giving birth, providing a more pleasant experience for mom, and even benefits for the new baby. External link opens in new tab or windowFor more information on hypnosis for child birth, click here.

Note: Dr. Mau is not a physician and does not treat physical illnesses. Consult your physician about using hypnosis as an adjunct to medical care. You should always follow the advice of your physician. Note: if you are experiencing sudden or acute pain, see your physician. If this is an emergency call 911.


Pain Relief

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