Healthy Lifestyle and Behavior Change

Child Birth and Labor Hypnosis



Heart or Coronary Disease, COPD

                               Lose Weight
                               Phobias, Fears and Panic Attacks

                               Physical Pain Alleviation

                               Regression – Dealing with Trauma & PTSD

                               Sexual Issues

                               Sleep and Insomnia

                               Stop Smoking (or stop using smokeless tobacco)

                               Stress Alleviation

Professional, Academic & Athletic Performance Improvement

Academics, Study Skills & Test Anxiety

Athletic and Dance Performance
CEs for Professional Counselors, Therapists & Social Workers

                               Counseling Supervision for LPCIs

                               Executive, Leadership & Career Coaching

                               The Highlands Ability Battery - Find Your Career Direction

                               Professional Hypnosis Certification – Learn to be a Hypnotist

                               Relaxation-Based Pain Relief™ Certification



Everything Else  :-)

Creativity, Artists & Performers

Self-Hypnosis and Meditation

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                               Telephone and Webcam Consulting Services at a Distance

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