This page includes resources on hypnosis and counseling, as well as music and some other materials. Some materials are included on the references for this site or are referenced in professional workshops taught by Dr. Mau. Materials are included because they include helpful information, however inclusion does not not necessarily constitute an endorsement of the entire perspective or approach in a given item. Music and devices are listed as typical examples.

By Dr. Fredric Mau


Hypnosis is a skill, and is difficult to learn from a book. For training in hypnosis, please consider the Professional Hypnosis Certification Course. The real skill in hypnosis has to do with learning patterns of suggestive language, which facilitate deep, emotional change.

Dr. Mau's on book, Emotion: the Power of Change - a Science-based Approach to Ericksonian Hypnosis provides an excellent research-based understanding of hypnosis for therapists, advanced hypnotists, and beginners. For more information, click here.

Igor Ledochowski's Deep Trance Training Manual is a great introduction to hypnosis!  If you find a Volume 2, please let me know!  There's also a External link opens in new tab or windowKindle edition.

Havens and Walter's Hypnotherapy Scripts is a great introduction to Ericksonian approaches to hypnosis.  There is also an External link opens in new tab or windowearlier edition.

The chapter on Patterns of Indirect Suggestion alone is worth the cost of Carol Sommer's Conversational Hypnosis book. There are also excellent script examples of inferred suggestion processes.

Hammond's Handbook of Hypnotic Suggestions and Metaphors is a giant compendium of metaphors on almost any subject.

More Hypnosis Materials

Dr. Mau is a clinical hypnotist, however materials on stage and entertainment hypnosis are included in this section.



General Interest




McDonald's Don't Waste Your Talent, on pinpointing your career talents, is written from the perspective of the abilty research which informs the Highlands Ability Battery.








Light and Sound Machines




White Noise Machines

For sleep and sound masking


CD Players


Pillow Speakers & Noise Reduction Headphones

Noise reduction headphones are helpful for avoiding jet lag on long trips





Athletic Heart Monitors for Exercise

Consult with your physician  before beginning an exercise program



Bed Sanitizing Wands - Eliminates bedbugs (this may be particularly useful for international travel)


Lucid dreaming sleep mask - I teach lucid dreaming via hypnosis. I have not used this product, but it is fascinating. If you get one, please let me know what you think.

Rhus Tox - Remedy for poison ivy (I've found this to be very effective)


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