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Who should take Dr. Mau's training?

“Honestly anyone who needs to communicate clearly, effectively, and healthily with other humans.”

- Relaxation-Based Pain Relief Certification Workshop participant

"I learned more than I could have ever imagined I would. Can't wait to take back to my unit and share."

- Nurse Pain Collaborative participant

"Wow! That was interesting!"
"Excellent topic that changed how I understand client progress."
"All of it. Amazing and ground breaking. Also, great slides."
"Love Dr Mau!!!!"
 - SC Counseling Association participants, Epigenetics presentation 2019

Dr. Mau present the opening keynote address at the 70th Anniversary Australian Hypnotherapists Association World Conference in Brisbane, September 13-15 2019

August 9 - 11, 2019, Marlborough, MA - Dr. Mau will present two 1 hour seminars, on Speechless for Six Months: Hypnosis for Conversion Issues and Body Effects, and on Opioid Alternative: The Neuroscience and Practice of Hypnotic Pain Relief at the National Guild of Hypnotists Convention & Educational Conference.

For more information or to register visit: https://ngh.net/product/ngh-convention-registration-ngh-member/

September 13-15, 2019, Brisbane, Australia - Dr. Mau preesent the keynote address Speechless for Six Months: Hypnosis, Cognition and Body Effects at the 70th Anniversary Australian Hypnotherapists Association World Conference. For more information or to register visit


Speakers: https://dcconferences.eventsair.com/aha2019/speakers

October 30 - 31, Zürich, Switzerland - Dr. Mau will do a two day training on Secondary Benefit Traps: Emotional and Social Obstacles to Stroke and Head Injury Recovery for the International Forced Use Specialist Association (IFUSA) a group which specializes in stroke and head injury recovery.

November 1 - 3, Zürich, Switzerland - Dr. Mau will speak on Meaning and the Brain: The Neuropsychology of Story and Change, at the international Hypnosekongress. For more information visit https://hypnosekongress.net/en/

November 8, London, England - Dr. Mau will present  The Three Doors: The Core Protocol to Treat Anxiety (1 hour, 45 minutes) at the UK Hypnosis Convention.

The scheudle is here: https://ukhypnosisconvention.co.uk/schedule

To register visit https://ukhypnosisconvention.co.uk  - and when you register please use the discount code FredricM

January - February 2020, Columbia, SC - Dr. Fredric Mau will present the National Guild of Hypnotists' Professional Hypnosis Certification Course. The course will meet Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00 to 2:00, tentatively scheduled to begin January 18, 2020. Tuition is $2,277. An early registration discount of $200 is avaliable through December 31, 2019. A payment plan at no interest is available. Space will be limited. If you have questions please contact us. To register click here:

March 12 - 13, 2020, Charleston SC - Dr. Fredric Mau will present the Relaxation-Based Pain Relief Certification Workshop at the Medical University of South Carolina. Details to be announced.

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Additional Opportunities

Dr. Mau currently accepts LPCIs seeking internship supervision. If you are an LPCI, please contact me to explore supervision.

Dr. Mau's first two books are available from Amazon worldwide
 in softcover and as Kindle ebooks.

Dr. Mau's latest book is available exclusively for medical and mental health professionals who the Relaxation-Based Pain Relief™ Certification Workshop.

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